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Who can use this Toolbox

The PROPER Toolbox is an environment created for border authorities, the border technology industry and travellers that offers interactive content for exploring the outputs of the BODEGA project. It is a free, online resource for BODEGA’s key stakeholders to translate and utilise the project’s results into their own operational context. The PROPER Toolbox Resources can be exploited to support decision-making, enhance the engineering of user-friendly systems and equipment for professional use, improve the working conditions of employees in border management, design next-generation border guard training and educate travellers on border procedures.

The PROPER Toolbox
  • provides an overview of the BODEGA project and its core focus points
  • publishes the key outcomes of the BODEGA project in a set of tools
  • compiles a list of key terminology used within BODEGA research on border control
  • suggests a collection of topic-specific literature for further investigation

Toolbox Lifetime

The BODEGA project was initiated in 2015, and the PROPER Toolbox was finalised in the last year of the project. The project ended in October 2018.


The development of the toolbox has been a joint effort involving all consortium members. The process has included several iteration rounds in different working sessions with a focus on the design and execution of the toolbox. Additionally, the toolbox work has involved the redesign of the project results into suitable formats that can be easily accessed from the toolbox platform.

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