Decision-Support System for Border Guards managers to assess the potential impact of improving different human factors in a Border Crossing Point.
Simulation type education game running in web-browser. BodeGame was created in this project as proposal for using games in the education of border guards.
PASS is a hybrid card game about border crossing. You can challenge your friends into a card game anywhere you want or test your knowledge about border crossing with the digital online stories.
Identity Verification with Fingerprints
In the Border Control Process, fingerprints are being used to perform identity verification (i.e. inspect travellers’ identity), based on fingerprintes stored on electronic travel document or databases (i.e. the Visa Information System), and thus allows for precise and fast identification of travelers.
HMI Design for Mobile Border Control Solutions
In the Border Control Process, a border guard has to perform multiple checks on a traveler. These include identity verification (based on the photos/fingerprints) stored on a travel document, or based on fingerprints stored in a central database like the VIS), background checks (i.e. via accessing policing databases like the SIS or Interpol databases).
Facial Recognition Tools for Border Guards


Human factors recommendations
Recommendations for Responsible Border Controls
Task division between Man and Machine for Border Control
Checklist for utilising e-learning in border guard training
Research roadmap
Stakeholder map and network