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HMI Design for Mobile Border Control Solutions

In the Border Control Process, a border guard has to perform multiple checks on a traveler. These include identity verification (based on the photos/fingerprints) stored on a travel document, or based on fingerprints stored in a central database like the VIS), background checks (i.e. via accessing policing databases like the SIS or Interpol databases). Based on the results of the MobilePass project, AIT aimed to improve upon the previously developed prototype and compile a list of design recommendations for mobile devices.
Within the BODEGA project, AIT created a new prototype of the mobile border control solution developed in the MobilePass project. The following video shows the prototype with improved ergonomics, with a symmetric design for right- and left-handers, optimization of the rest of the thenar eminence and hard buttons with tactile feedback. It also shows the newly developed graphical user interface for reading a eMRTD both optically and electronically:

The next video shows the prototype perming two of the core identification tasks within the BCP: Face verification and finger print verification.

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology