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About PASS
PASS is a hybrid card game about border crossing. You can challenge your friends into a card game anywhere you want or test your knowledge about border crossing with the digital online stories.

Do you know what are the Member States of the Schengen Area? Do you know what are the different options for crossing the Schengen border, or what are the most common mistakes that travellers make in using the e-gates when crossing the Schengen border?

With the game PASS we invite you to have different types of experiences related to crossing the border of the Schengen Area. The game PASS is a hybrid game, which means that it has both a physical component (a card game) and a digital component (digital stories).

You can play with PASS cards anywhere independently of the digital technology available in your surroundings or your language skills. The game is intended for the whole family (including children as young as eight years old) or for a group of friends. The goal of the game is to help as many characters as possible to cross the border. You just have to be sure they have all the needed requirements to do so according to the nationality of the traveller.
The digital stories in PASS are for a solo player. In the digital stories, the challenge for the player to support the cards’ characters to cross the border of the Schengen Area increases. You will take decisions on behalf of the character during the narrative. Your decisions will either allow the traveller to succeed in crossing the border or make them fail.

PASS digital stories are available online. It is a web application, therefore you do not have to download any special software. You only need a device with a browser and access to Internet to play the stories.

The hybrid card game PASS was co-designed with travellers to help them to understand different aspects related to crossing the borders of the Schengen Area. Currently the digital stories of the game are available in 3 different languages.

Further information:
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